Additions To My PC Collection (Or: Why Can’t I Stop Collecting Stuff?)

I’m a compulsive collector. I’ve been that way all my life. Never stamps, stamps are stupid, but almost anything else (I apologize to stamp collectors, but, like, seriously?)

In my childhood I collected bugs (real life bugs), cigarette packs, types of sand, rocks, and even pressed flowers. Come to think about it, I have no basis for making fun of people collecting stamps.

As I grew older, I understood that my compulsive collectionism is something to hide and be ashamed of. But I couldn’t stop, so I tried to channel it to collections that appear somewhat intelligent, while still serving what I like. Most notably, I have a collection of old editions of my favorite book (The Count of Monte Cristo), many of them more than 100 years old. The worst thing about this dark age in my life was that I could not have any geeky collections.

My Current (Lame) PC Museum

But now, at Soluto, I can let my geek out. So I started an old PC collection in my office :)

Right now I just have 4 pieces: Commodore 16 (1984), Sharp PC-4600 (1988), Packard Bell Statesman (????) and Sinclair ZX Spectrum (1982). But I recently completed the purchase of 3 more machines, and I’ll pick them up next month from San Francisco when I go there for the upcoming TechCrunch Disrupt (where Soluto will pass the cup to the next winner). All from eBay, all under 20$.

And now (drumroll….) here are my new acquisitions: Tandy 1400 HD (1988), Zenith “LunchBox” 171 (1985) and my first Apple laptop, the PowerBook 180 (1992):

Tandy 1400

Zenith LunchBox 171

Apple PowerBook 180

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