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What I wouldn’t do to welcome Windows 8 into the world… Hello Metro!

Yes, I would even dismember my beloved old Packard Bell Statesmen! (This is for a very cool project that’ll be exposed soon…) So… Hello Metro!           To summarize: Hello Metro!   Roee    

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The greatest trick Apple ever pulled was making you think it’s YOUR fault

  As we (Soluto) move into the Mac world, it became clear to me that I, a proud PC guy, have to become a Mac user for a while in order to be able to get inside the heads of … Continue reading

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Soluto is hiring for two amazing business positions, know anyone relevant?

Hi, I’m looking to hire two very smart people to play leading business, product and marketing roles at Soluto. These are challenging, senior positions requiring experience, creativity, execution and being very smart (did I say that already?). In an attempt to reach … Continue reading

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The art of using few words

At Soluto we spend a lot of time perfecting the user experience. When you build a solution for a complex problem like we do, quite often you want to convey a complex message to the user (with words). But you … Continue reading

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