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Developer Interference Culture at Soluto

Yesterday I sat with Tomer Dvir and Ishay Green, together the “senior management” of Soluto, and we discussed a certain subject of high urgency. In the middle of the heated discussion the door opened, and Ofer, one of our developers, … Continue reading

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Embarrassed by an Answering Machine

Today I encountered a post by Moti Karmona about how Israelis and Americans perceive things differently, or rather how Israelis misinterpret American euphemisms to have a literal meaning. Funny and very true. It reminded me of a misinterpretation story from … Continue reading

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Additions To My PC Collection (Or: Why Can’t I Stop Collecting Stuff?)

I’m a compulsive collector. I’ve been that way all my life. Never stamps, stamps are stupid, but almost anything else (I apologize to stamp collectors, but, like, seriously?) In my childhood I collected bugs (real life bugs), cigarette packs, types … Continue reading

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Experiences From StartupSeeds (And Thanks To Marissa Mayer)

A couple of months ago Google’s Marissa Mayer arrived in the holy land, and among other places she visited the famous Garage, where she was hosted by Yossi Vardi. This was right after Soluto’s win at TechCrunch Disrupt where she … Continue reading

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Double Murder, Anti-Semitism in Phoenix, and Bayesian Inference

This is a true story about a double murder I took part in. In November of 1994 I was a 15 year old Israeli Jewish 10th grader. Back then Israel was much more popular than today, however kids my age … Continue reading

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Starting Up…

Last month I met with Chris Dixon, one of our angel investors, in NYC. Chris told me about his belief that everyone should have a personal blog. I didn’t take that too seriously, seeing as I’m a working man (sorry, … Continue reading

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