I’ll soon tell more about myself, I promise. Meanwhile I copy-pasted my bio from Soluto’s website:

Roee started programming at the age of 11. After leading a software group in a security organization’s elite R&D unit, he worked as a device driver developer for Envara, acquired by Intel in 2004. Since then, Roee has managed product design and development in several industries, including: water technology (Miya), location-based services (AeroScout), and music (Neocraft, where Roee was co-founder).

Roee is married to Avital, a brain scientist and is a big fan of judo, soccer, and classic movies.

  • http://notyet silvio starosta

    I am a simple individual end user, I am very old,more than sixty, I live in Spain but was born in Argentina.
    This is simple…
    “since I start to experienced Soluto, I have this comment in mind.

    Developers are generally far far away from users,mainly in terms of what is basic in Soluto, sinthesys,simplicity, It fill up a need with no gaps.

    In 20 years I never saw a utility like your soluto, simple , efficient, usefull , not intrusive,brilliant interface and design.
    In other words, a creation made by someone Intelligent ,with a bright idea of the final result for the end user.
    There is nothing behind this, just thanks , because after all is free , a gift.


    Silvio Starosta

    • http://roadler.com Roee Adler

      Thank you Silvia, much appreciated :)