A birthday summary of the passing year

Today I’m 32. In some ways it sounds very old to me, and other ways very young. The passing year may have been the most important one in my life so far, both personally and professionally. To recap what happened in the passing year:

  1. I became a dad to beautiful Gali
  2. Soluto turned from a stealth start-up to the winner of TechCrunch Disrupt

There were many other things, but these two shine in comparison. May the next year be as eventful as this one, but this time with more peace and quiet. Or not :)



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  • http://www.sillyfeatures.com Uri Gilad

    Mazal tov my friend!!

    Knowing you, if you apply yourself, good things will come

    • http://roadler.com Roee Adler

      Thanks :)