Starting Up…

Last month I met with Chris Dixon, one of our angel investors, in NYC. Chris told me about his belief that everyone should have a personal blog. I didn’t take that too seriously, seeing as I’m a working man (sorry, working person, don’t wanna be sexist or anything), with very little time on my hands. And the little time I do have, well, I’d rather spend with my wife than spend it online.

But that conversation stuck with me, and kept itching the back of my brain (which I hate). Despite my fear of not having time to really spill value into this blog, the decision has been made. In the words of Homer Simpson: “That’s It! You people have stood in my way long enough, I’m going to clown college!”. Where in my case, Clown College is this blog. I have the need to explain jokes, especially the not-funny ones. I know it may be annoying, I have other problems too.

I lead a very interesting life at Soluto and have plenty of insights to share about how we do stuff. I hope I can keep it interesting. And if not – at least I made one investor slightly happier :)

Stay tuned…



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  • Matan Talmi

    Good job – you just launched and you’re already trying to monetize. I clicked the adsense to give you the SIFTACH ;-)


    • Roee Adler

      Thanks Matan for making me understand there are ads… I just paid WordPress 30$ for removing these ads, so your click goes to them :)

  • Omer

    Congrats mate!

    • Roee Adler

      Thanks :)